Designed with a holistic approach to athlete development in mind, the Fieldhouse is a premier training facility for our elite athletes and sports venue.


Facilities include:

  • 12,000 square foot gymnasium/sports venue with NBA regulation baskets and sprung hardwood floor

  • Athlete-Only Performance Studio​​

  • Mini Gym with Shooting Gun

  • Purple Owl Pilates

  • Headwaters Physiotherapy

  • Bear Cub Coffee & Espresso Bar

  • Sponsor Boxes and Suites

  • Board Room/Study Hall

  • Athlete Institute Offices

  • Administrative Offices

  • AIFC Offices

  • AIFC Team Room/Change Room

Athlete Institute Fieldhouse
Athlete Institute Sports Venue
Athlete Institute Fieldhouse Gym
Athlete Institute Fieldhouse Gym
Mini Gym with Shooting Gun
Athlete Institute Bears Den Lockers
Athlete Institute Bears Den Lockers
Ice Machine and Hot/Cold Bath
Athlete Institute Therapy Clinic
Sponsor Boxes and Suites
Sponsor Boxes and Suites


The Training Centre is a state-of-the-art training facility designed with you in mind. Programs offered include Core5 Fitness, CrossFit Orangeville and sport-specific training.

Facilities include:

  • Core5 Studio

    • High-density rubber flooring

    • Kettlebells

    • Dumbells

    • TRX

    • Medicine balls

    • Plyo boxes

  • CrossFit and multi-purpose Training Area

    • High-density rubber flooring

    • 3,500 square feet training space

    • 10 independent and adjustable squat racks

    • Over 2,000lbs in bumper plates

    • 174 feet of pull-up space

    • Bar muscle-up stations

    • Ring muscle-up station

    • Concept 2 Rowers, Wall Balls, Kettlebells, etc.

  • Additional cardio machines, free weights and cable machines upstairs for member use

  • Changing rooms with showers and steam rooms

Athlete Institute Training Centre
General Fitness Training
General Fitness Training
Cardio Machines
Stairmaster and Cable Machines
CrossFit Orangeville Training Area
CrossFit Orangeville Training Area
20+ Bars and 2000+ lbs of plates
CrossFit Orangeville Training Area
CrossFit Orangeville class
Athlete Institute - every day.


Home to the Athlete Institute Football Club, the Indoor Sports Dome offers year round training and is used for camps, rentals and other events


  • 24,000 square feet of state-of-the-art turf

  • Soccer and lacrosse nets

  • Soccer and lacrosse field markings

AI Dome
AI Football Club and Sports Dome
Basketball Courts and Sports Dome


The Athlete Institute Residence is home to the high school basketball academy during the school year and offers room and board for campers and other overnight guests

Facilities Include:

  • 100+ person sleeping capacity

  • 2 recreational common areas

  • Club Care Daycare

  • Athlete Institute Food & Beverage Kitchen

  • Dining Hall

Athlete Institute Residence
Lavender Blue Catering
Lavender Blue Catering Cafe
Athlete Institute Residence bedroom
Athlete Institute Residence bedroom
Residence Common Area
Residence Common Area


Outdoor facilities include:

  • 3 outdoor basketball courts with glass backboards

  • International Standard grass soccer field

Outdoor Soccer Field
3 Outdoor Basketball Courts
Outdoor Basketball Nets