Athlete Institute September 2018

July 23, 2018

The Athlete Institute is excited to announce our brand-new schedule, launching this September, 2018. We have listened to your requests, and have also designed and created some new (and returning) programs and classes to continue to improve our member experience. This will get you up-to-speed with everything that is going on at the Athlete Institute starting this September, 2018.




CrossFit Orangeville Beginner Bootcamp


Back by extremely popular demand, our CrossFit Orangeville Beginner Bootcamp will begin on Tuesday September 4th and run for 6 weeks (2 sessions/week). Originally launched in the fall of 2016, CrossFit Orangeville’s Beginner Bootcamp was designed and created from the ground up by Head Coach Tyler Robbins as a way for new members to get up to speed with our regular CrossFit members.


Beginning a program like CrossFit can be extremely daunting, so this program starts you off slow, and ramps up both the skills and intensity needed to attend our regular CrossFit classes. Not only that, but all-new for this round of Bootcamp, Coach Tyler is also including his 30-Day Nutrition Bootcamp as part of your registration.


“Sound nutrition is the foundation of motivation and success with any health and fitness program. Unfortunately, far too many individuals neglect to focus on the importance of proper nutrition, only to fail to see the results they are looking for. Don't go through the time and effort to complete the workouts, only to jeopardize your success with poor nutrition.”


All sessions will be lead by CrossFit Orangeville Head Coach Tyler Robbins. Sign up today for Tuesdays and Thursdays at either 6:00-7:00am, 8:00-9:00am, or 7:30-8:30pm. Sessions do sell out, so make sure you don’t wait too long.


CrossFit Orangeville Skills


Coming this September, this brand-new weekly class will have a primary focus on the skill-based movements found in CrossFit programming. Each week, there will be a new movement of focus, and the hour-long class will focus on improving the technique and efficiency of said movement. We will work on effective progressions and scaled options for each individual based on their personal needs. These Skills sessions will count as a class at no additional charge on top of your membership. Sessions will be on either Saturday and/or Sunday mornings, times may vary from week to week.


KidsFit Bootcamp


Another all-new project, started by CrossFit Orangeville Head Coach Tyler Robbins, this 6-week KidsFit Bootcamp is designed to get kids moving safely, efficiently, and effectively.


CrossFit creator Greg Glassman has said that not teaching your children fundamental life lessons, such as swimming, is negligence. Coach Tyler has taken this idea and expanded it. By not teaching our kids how to properly perform basic human movements such as squatting, lifting, pressing, and pulling, we are not only setting them up for inefficient movement patterns, but increasing their likelihood of injury in sport or life.


Don’t assume that everyone has an instinctual ability to safely lift something off the ground, for example. Human movement patterns are like water flowing down hill - we find the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, due to genetics, body mechanics, bad habits, etc. many of us develop poor movement mechanics in our childhood, leading to greater complications as adults. Many of us end up with back, hip, shoulder, or knee problems later in life that may have stemmed from poor or inefficient movement patterns and mechanics at a young age.


This program is designed completely from the ground up by CrossFit Orangeville Head Coach Tyler Robbins to teach children how to move properly and have some fun while doing it. The intention of KidsFit Bootcamp is not to see how much weight your child can lift, although strength and confidence is certainly a notable side effect, instead, we are training your child to move their body and external objects efficiently and safely.


KidsFit Bootcamp will begin on Tuesday September 4th, and will run two sessions/week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm for 6 consecutive weeks. Stay tuned as registration will open soon.


CrossFit Orangeville Schedule Changes


As always, make sure to either check our website or your ZenPlanner member app for up-to-date schedule changes. Notable changes to our existing CrossFit Orangeville schedule include:

  1. Morning classes bumped 1/2 hour earlier

    Due to the extremely popular 5:30am class, we have decided to bump our early morning classes to start a half hour earlier. We would like to give as much opportunity to our members to get in and get their workout in before starting their day. Morning classes will now start on the hour, and will begin at 5:00am.


  2. Addition of Saturday morning 7:00am class

    Due to extremely popular demand, we are adding an additional Saturday morning CrossFit class at 7:00am. Our 8:00am Saturday morning class will continue to run as usual.


Core5 Schedule Changes


As always, make sure to either check our website or your ZenPlanner member app for up-to-date schedule changes. Notable changes to our existing CrossFit Orangeville schedule include:

  1. All classes will remain at the same days and times, we are simply adding an early-morning Core5 class on Tuesday and Thursdays from 6:00-7:00am.

  2. Sunday morning class will start an hour earlier, now from 9:00-10:00am.


CrossFit Orangeville All-Stars