November 2, 2017




Athlete Institute is excited to announce the launch of our all new Core Five Fitness + Lifestyle program! Built and designed from the ground up by Athlete Institute, Core5 offers members an opportunity to achieve their health and fitness goals in an all new way. We will be transforming our weight room into Core5’s very own class studio where our members can attend our new and innovative classes. Core Five Fitness + Lifestyle classes will begin as of January 2nd, 2018, just in time to start those New Year's resolutions! As a result we will begin construction of our General Fitness Facilities as of December 1st, 2017. Not to worry though, CrossFit and Open Gym classes will remain the same.  


What is Core5?


Core5 classes fuse together the industry leading training styles from around the world. Our group fitness experience combines the programming style of High Intensity Training (HIIT), Bootcamps, and CrossFit to provide members with a fun and challenging workout done within a 60 minute class. Each Core5 class is carefully designed to target our 5 core pillars of fitness and an active lifestyle. Through our advanced programming Core5 classes are scalable for all fitness levels and designed to easily track your workouts and progress.


The CoreFive Fitness + Lifestyle program is built on the five fitness and lifestyle pillars- strength, coordination & balance, flexibility & mobility, cardiovascular, and stamina. Each Core5 class will include all five fitness pillars and will challenge you with a completely different Core5 workout each day. 


  • Strength- Core5 aims to improve the strength of all its members. Our programs are designed to not only improve the strength and resiliency of our muscles and connective tissues, but to increase the density of our bones as well. Strength training to prepare us for the rigours of life helps us to maintain, and even improve, a high quality of life as we age.

  • Coordination & Balance- Core5 believes in training the minds and bodies of all its members to improve balance and coordination. Learning how to negotiate, stabilize, and properly brace our bodies in three-dimensional space is crucial to improving not only our health and performance, but to help prevent falls and injuries as well.

  • Flexibility & Mobility- Core5 wants to improve the range of motion and flexibility of all its members. Maintaining optimal health and longevity of our joints, bones, and connective tissues requires training our body through wide ranges of motion. Our goal is to see improved quality of life for everyone who walks through our doors.

  • Cardiovascular- The workouts and programs designed for Core5 are specifically designed to improve the respiratory (lungs) and circulatory (heart, arteries, and veins) systems. The goal is to increase the efficiency of nutrient transport throughout our bodies to improve the health of our minds and bodies.

  • Stamina- Core5 wants to increase the efficiency of our energy systems to store and utilize energy in a more effective manner. Improved stamina not only gives us more drive and energy through our workouts and training, but powers us through our everyday lives.

December Classes
What is more exciting than new classes?…FREE CLASSES! Throughout the month of December we will be offering a limited number of Core5 classes for free! These 1-hour classes will not affect our 30+ CrossFit classes we already offer.


Class times during the month of December:


Tuesdays and Thursdays

6:30am, 8:30am, 7:30pm, 8:30pm







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