Member Spotlight: Monica Van Es

September 20, 2017

Monica Van Es is one of our longest-standing and consistent members. When she is not perfecting


her already nearly-perfect form, she is helping out other members with tips and advice.


Monica is such an integral part of our community, and we are proud to have her here not only as a member, but as a representative of CrossFit Orangeville. We asked her to be a part of our Member Spotlight recently, and she agreed to answer a few questions for us:


Please explain your health history (if noteworthy)


I haven't had any real health issues, but my whole life i have led a very unhealthy lifestyle. Never active even as a child, a chain smoker into my 30s and heavy partier.


Explain what made you decide to start CrossFit


I started becoming active in an effort to lose the baby weight with my second child, which led to a love of fitness and letting go of all my unhealthy habits. I quit smoking, drinking and started eating healthy.  Crossfit was something I had been seeing around but was terrified of it because I thought I wasn't fit enough. It also intrigued me, and I wanted a challenge, so as a New Year's resolution I jumped in head first and was hooked by my first class.


How long have you been doing CrossFit?


This upcoming January will be four years with Crossfit and always at Crossfit Orangeville because its the best ;)   


Explain how CrossFit Orangeville has changed your life


CrossFit has instilled in me a love of being challenged and pushing myself. I always loved being in a comfort zone and now CrossFit pushes me out of it constantly and I love seeing how much I've progressed and the progress of those around me. Now its not about being 'skinny' but about being strong! CrossFit is now a lifestyle for me and the friendships I've made over the years and the community feel of CrossFit is a very important part of my life. I love to see my crossfit family everyday and celebrate their accomplishments as much as mine.  CrossFit has made me look at the world differently...I know life is a challenge and imagine myself doing things i never dreamed!  CrossFit has given me confidence and a better self esteem :) 


What are your short-term and long-term goals


With crossfit there is always a skill that can be learned or perfected so i want to just keep improving on those. I have finally learned to do strict pullups so I want to continue to work on that and to learn butterfly pullups. I also struggle with bodyweight movements like dips so I would love to learn those as well. Long term goal is to one day do a muscle up! 


Any advice for individuals who may be nervous or apprehensive about starting CrossFit?


Don't be scared off by the movemnts or the intensity. Every movement can be scaled to your ability and you will love to see the progressions that you make over time. You can go as slow or as fast as you need to. And you never have to fear how you compare with others, as we are all at different stages with different strengths and weaknesses and CrossFit Orangeville is such a supportive community. One where the last one to finish gets the loudest cheers and you get a high five from everybody every time to get a PR (personal record) or accomplish something new and at the end of every workout. You'll love it here! 

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