CrossFit Orangeville Beginner Bootcamp 2.0

July 11, 2017

Since its inception in September 2016, we have had well over 250 members participate in our CrossFit Orangeville Beginner Bootcamp. Despite the success of the program, we have evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the program and have made a few changes in the interest of making the program as best as it can be. Introducing,





It is fitting that since we first launched the Beginner Bootcamp in September of 2016, we are re-vamping and improving the program starting September 5th, 2017!

Here are the changes being made:



Shorter, 6-week Duration


When the Beginner Bootcamp launched last year, the initial plans involved an 8-week program to cover as much as possible and get newcomers introduced to the tools and skills required to feel confident starting CrossFit.


Now that we have run 5 full iterations of the Bootcamp, we have decided to tighten up the skills a bit and complete a full cycle in just 6 weeks (12 total sessions). This will not only encourage commitment and adherence to the program, now in a shorter time frame, but we can also shorten the wait time for eager members to "graduate" and move on to our regular CrossFit class and schedule.


With a shorter duration, we will also be lowering the entry price to keep things as affordable as we possibly can. Our 6-week Bootcamp will be $96 + HST for 12 total sessions.


All New Workouts


We had many members who completed the Beginner Bootcamp more than once. The unfortunate part about this is that returnees experienced the same workouts more than once. Along with shortening the program from 8 to 6 weeks in total duration, we are also re-designing our workouts so that they are different than what has been seen up until now.


All-New Workouts From Now On


Similar to the previous point, not only will the workouts be new in the Beginner Bootcamp in version 2.0, but they will be dynamic, new, and fresh from here on out. To mirror what we already do in our standard CrossFit program, single workouts are very rarely ever seen more than once.


This is great news for members who have already completed the Bootcamp but don't wish to move on to our regular CrossFit class schedule just yet. If you wish, you can stay within our Beginner Bootcamp curriculum for as long as you wish without feeling as though you are repeating yourself from one round to the next.


This also allows us to be more dynamic in what we can do and teach our Bootcamp members. We will continue to provide you with the most advanced and top-notch coaching in the Orangeville and surrounding area. The reputation we have built with this program will continue to expand and thrive. We look forward to seeing all returning and new faces in September!




Registration for the September 5th Bootcamp will begin around the start of August 2017. September is an incredibly popular time for a return to routine and structure following summer holidays, so we are currently taking names and contact info on a waiting list to notify those interested when registration opens. Space is limited, so make sure you are notified when registration opens so that you don't miss out!


email to get on the waiting list

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