More Schedule Upgrades Coming in March

February 23, 2017

CrossFit Orangeville Class schedule - Effective March 13th, 2017


CrossFit Orangeville is excited to announce our incredible schedule lineup and membership options - effective March 13th




CrossFit Orangeville Beginner Bootcamp

Our immensely popular program will run another session beginning in either March or April. Go to the following page and sign up for the "Waiting List" to not only be notified when registration opens, but when the start date will be announced as well.

Learn the fundamentals from our highly qualified Head Coach Tyler Robbins - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Weightlifting Certified, and CrossFit Level 2 Coach.

Our 8-week, 16 session Bootcamp is specifically designed for beginners to not only learn the fundamentals, but to increase your level of fitness so that you can join our regular CrossFit classes upon completion of the Bootcamp.

Our Bootcamp graduates have had a seamless transition from Bootcamp, right into our regular schedule, which allows more flexibility and opportunities for growth and development. The Bootcamp is meant as a stepping-stone, rather than something you're "stuck" in.

On top of that, graduates of our Bootcamp get a special discount on their first CrossFit membership (one of the following):

1. 25% off your first month

2. 50% off your first month (3 month contract)

3. First month free (12 month contract)



Our regular classes are suited for all ages and levels of fitness. Due to the incredible popularity and demand for our morning classes, we are making the following changes to our regular class schedule:

5:30am - We thought it was crazy to have a 6:00am class, but with it continually filling up, and apparently crazy knows no bounds with our members, as we have had an interest in a 5:30am class. This then moves all of our classes to a half-hour start time, allowing us to not only add an additional morning class, but keeps our consistency as well.

At CrossFit Orangeville, we believe in not only having a wide range of class times to suit the needs of our members, but to also keep class sizes down so that we have a more respectable coach to member ratio - ensuring sufficient attention, help, and coaching, as well as maintaining safety and adequate space for all attending members.



Our KidsFit program will remain on Saturdays from 9:30am-10:15am. This program has been very popular since re-launching in June of 2016. We create fun, interactive workouts for the kids to learn fundamental movement patterns to become more spatially aware and coordinated, while also building strength and confidence.


Open Gym

One unique aspect to CrossFit Orangeville, here at the Athlete Institute, is the fact that we offer "Open Gym" hours. During our hours of operation - and when there are no classes running, members are free to use our CrossFit gym to workout on their own (subject to membership type).

Here at CrossFit Orangeville, we realize that many of our members have unique and various schedules, so even if you can't make it out to one of our many classes, you have the flexibility to come in and workout on your own time.

*Note* "Open Gym" counts as a "class."



As low as $50/month

General Fitness: Unlimited

Classes: 3/month *NEW*

As low as $75/month

General Fitness: Unlimited

Classes: 2/week *NEW*

As low as $90/month

General Fitness: Unlimited

Classes: 3/week

As low as $105/month

General Fitness: Unlimited

Classes: Unlimited

Email us for more information regarding membership options and full pricing.


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