Member Spotlight: Karen Rankin

December 21, 2016


I asked one of our most consistent CrossFit members, Karen Rankin, to answer a few questions regarding her experiences with not only CrossFit, but CrossFit Orangeville.


Karen was not your "typical" member when she first started. Having barely even seen a barbell prior to starting with us, let alone having much experience lifting one, she was looking for something different to re-kindle her interest and love for physical activity.


Karen leads an extremely busy work life along with being a mother of 3 (teenage girl and 2 young boys), but makes time to consistently show up and improve her health and fitness at least 3 times a week.


Karen was hesitant when she first started because of her previous history of knee pain. I reassured her that what we do at CrossFit Orangeville could actually help her knees rather than harm them. Despite being a little reluctant at first, Karen has been such a consistent member with us and her improvements in not only her strength, but her overall health as well, should be enough proof at how beneficial our program can be!







Health History:


I have suffered from osteo arthritis in my knees for the past 35 years.  When I first started cross fit in June of 2015 I was constantly asked if it bothered my knees.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Cross fit has provided a huge benefit to my condition by strengthening my muscles and relieving the pressure on my knees.


Why Start:


I heard about cross fit from my niece and her husband who were all paleo and very committed.  Given my determined personality the challenge really intrigued me.  I first went to CrossFit Orangeville to view a class.  I sat still in a chair and was mesmerized by what the women were doing for the entire class.  I was hooked and joined up immediately.  It was one of the wisest decisions that I have made.


How Long:


I first started cross fit in June of 2015. Within the first couple of months I was going 3 times per week and when I heard about the cross fit all stars program I was determined to qualify and increased to 4 times per week.  Being one of the first all stars was a huge personal accomplishment for me.


How Changed Life:


At 54 years of age I have never felt healthier, stronger or more energetic to face what life deals me.  I manage to keep up with my three kids aged 4, 8, and 17 and manage two companies with my husband.  Both my 17 year old and my husband have joined cross fit and my two youngest attended the KidsFit in the summer months.  Having a family that shares the goal of health and fitness has been possible for us through CrossFit.




My short term goal is to continue to attend three times a week and build on my strength and endurance.  My long term goals are to make cross fit a permanent part of mine and my family’s lives and to increase my comfort level with the Olympic lifts by working on technique and trying to avoid using my biceps to cheat.




For those who are apprehensive about Cross fit I can only say that if you try it you will love it.  It is adaptable to all ages and physical abilities and the group at Cross Fit Orangeville is like family.  The coaches are tremendously encouraging, professional and highly qualified.  Come and try it and you will not look back!






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