Member Spotlight: Maria Di Marco

November 9, 2016

Maria Di Marco is one of our most consistent and dedicated members. Despite the fact that she is a busy, working mom of 3, she still makes time to come in and workout during out 6 and 7am classes 5-6 days/week.


Beyond being such a dedicated and consistent member, she is also one of the most warm and nice personalities here at CrossFit Orangeville - always introducing herself and welcoming new members, making sure they feel comfortable working out alongside her.


I asked Maria to discuss some of the reasons why she CrossFits here at CrossFit Orangeville. Here are her responses:


1. Please explain your health history


I'm pretty average, but my husband has suffered with back issues for the last 12 years, leaving most of the household duties to me. I need to be able to do it all.


2. Explain what made you decide to start CrossFit


Having done some weight lifting in high school and remembering how good that felt, when I was first introduced to Crossfit in 2009, I was intrigued.


3. How long have you been doing CrossFit?


Started in 2009, but most consistent since 2011.


4. Explain how CrossFit Orangeville has changed your life


It's made me focus on what matters most - which is my personal strength and overall health. It's also allowed me to appreciate myself, my strengths and weaknesses, rather then focus on how big my thighs are. I love that I can carry any of my children up 2 flights of stairs, and my oldest is 11!


5. What are your short-term and long-term goals?


Short-term goals are to improve my form on lifts. Long-term goal? To never stop training.


6. Any advice for individuals who may be nervous or apprehensive about starting CrossFit?


Don't be. No one cares what you can or can not do.  We all started in the same place at some point - never having done it before. You gotta start somewhere, and the benefits of Crossfit far outweigh the excuses to delay starting to take care of yourself.

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