Member Spotlight: Emily Bourgeois

October 12, 2016

 Emily has been one of our most dedicated members over the past few years. In fact, in our inaugural year of our CrossFit Orangeville All-Stars program, Emily completed 194 workouts between September 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. Emily's passion and dedication to our program has also inspired her to attend and complete her CrossFit Level 1 certification course, which will allow her to start coaching some of our classes in the near future.


I recently asked Emily to answer a few questions about her relationship with CrossFit.


1. Explain what made you decide to start CrossFit


In 2012 my kids entered me into a Mothers Day makeover contest in the local paper. One of the prizes was 2 months of CrossFit. At the time I had never heard of CrossFit. When I researched it, it looked very intimidating.  I always “worked out” - I religiously went for a daily power walk, and did lunges and push ups at the park while my kids played. I thought I was in decent shape. My first class killed me. I didn’t even do what the others did. I was in the corner with my own WOD for newbies. Even though it challenged me like nothing I’d ever done before, I was hooked. 


2. How long have you been doing CrossFit?


I have been doing CrossFit for 4 years now. 


3. Explain how CrossFit Orangeville has changed your life


I didn’t realize the impact CrossFit would have on my life. When you invest in your fitness everything changes. My diet changed. I want to eat for fuel, I want strength, and energy. What we eat is huge if you want to be healthy. I am stronger. Strength gives me confidence. I am amazed at the things I have been able to do these past 4 years. And I am not done yet.


I have also met so many amazing people here. Crossfit Orangeville is a community, a family really. With Christmas parties, BBQ’s, and ladies lunches. We don’t just sweat together, we play together, eat together, and share our lives with each other. 


4. What are your short-term and long-term goals

I read something interesting the other day. It said forget about setting goals and instead commit to the process. I have been enjoying the process of getting fit. Within that, my diet changed, my strength, and energy have changed. I’ve had the opportunity to take the Level 1 Certificate Course, and pass the test. I now will be coaching. I plan on continuing to get better. I want to be a good coach, and that means continuing to learn. I am in the process, and enjoying the ride.


5. Any advice for individuals who may be nervous or apprehensive about starting CrossFit?


When I started, the ladies bar was heavy. I took my time, I learned the movements. I added weight as I got stronger and more confident. It’s ok to scale. I still scale movements I haven’t mastered yet. That’s ok. Most of these movements take practice, and practice takes time. But guess what? CrossFit is fun. When you're having fun, you don’t even realize the changes that your body is making. The next thing you know you’ve got a good amount of weight on the bar, you can do DU’s, and that muscle up? It’s coming.




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