November 10, 2015


BOOTCAMP is back at the Athlete Institute! Join us every Monday and Thursday, starting November 16th, from 7:30-8:30pm in our newly-renovated Training Centre.


Get in shape “boot camp” style! Experience high-intensity, full-body workouts, circuit-style routines that jump-start cardio fitness, to creative muscle-toning exercises using dumbbells, exercise bands, or even the participant’s body weight, each class brings its own unique challenges.

All of our memberships come with unlimited use of our general fitness facilities. Try your first class for free!


About our Bootcamp Instructor Kat Sawyer:


Kat has struggled all her life with medical conditions that made it near impossible to put weight on (Hyperthyroidism) which caused her most of her life to be under 100 lbs.  She was introduced to weight lifting as a means to add size and health, and become completely addicted to the lifestyle.


During her training, she met a bodybuilder who introduced her to the Fitness Competition lifestyle that has been her life for the last 8 years. She has competed in over 30 competitions, ranging from Bikini, to Fitness, to Figure. She met her training partner 2 years ago at a competition, and with his help, finally added the size she needed to win her Pro Card in Figure.   At a very healthy 135 lb weight off season, she loves to help others achieve their goals. Whether its weight loss, weight gain (size and strength), or getting on stage, Kat loves to motivate others through her journey back on stage each time.

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