What is Core5 Fitness & Lifestyle?


Core5 Fitness & Lifestyle is an all-new division of health and fitness programs brought to you by Athlete Institute. Built and designed from the ground up, Core5 offers individuals an opportunity to achieve their health and fitness goals. The Athlete Institute and Core Five Fitness & Lifestyle is driven to enhance the health and well-being of its members and the community by providing innovative health and fitness services through assessment, education, and exercise in a supportive environment.


Core5 Points System


Every single Core5 class has been carefully designed and allotted a score based on the 5 main fitness and lifestyle pillars. Core5 members are challenged for 90-days to track your points to achieve your Health, Fit or Elite goal. Our point system helps to keep you motivated and accountable as you strive to achieve the health goals you have always wanted. Consistency is key to success and our points system encourages members to continue to attend classes day after day no matter how gruelling the workout may seem!


                                         320 Points 
                                         540 Points
                                         720 Points


Class Descriptions



Core5 is a high intensity metabolic circuit training class. Each class is carefully designed to target our 5 fitness and lifestyle pillars- strength, coordination & balance, flexibility & mobility, cardiovascular and stamina. Core5 is the ultimate fusion of the latest training concepts, a fun and challenging workout and is scalable for all fitness levels.


Core5 Yoga

Strength, stability, coordination, balance, and mobility. Athletic Yoga intended for members to not only improve other facets or aspects of their fitness, but to aid in recovery from the intensity of other classes as well.


Core Five aims to improve the strength of all its members. Our programs are designed to not only improve the strength and resiliency of our muscles and connective tissues, but to increase the density of our bones as well. Strength training to prepare us for the rigours of life helps us to maintain, and even improve, a high quality of life as we age.



Coordination and Balance

Core Five believes in training the minds and bodies of all its members to improve balance and coordination. Learning how to negotiate, stabilize, and properly brace our bodies in three-dimensional space is crucial to improving not only our health and performance, but to help prevent falls and injuries as well.



The workouts and programs designed for Core Five are specifically designed to improve the respiratory (lungs) and circulatory (heart, arteries, and veins) systems. The goal is to increase the efficiency of nutrient transport throughout our bodies to improve the health of our minds and bodies.


Flexibility & Mobility

Core Five wants to improve the range of motion and flexibility of all its members. Maintaining optimal health and longevity of our joints, bones, and connective tissues requires training our body through wide ranges of motion. Our goal is to see improved quality of life for everyone who walks through our doors.



Core Five wants to increase the efficiency of our energy systems to store and utilize energy in a more effective manner. Improved stamina not only gives us more drive and energy through our workouts and training, but powers us through our everyday lives.



Check out our schedule, choose a class time that fits into your schedule and come try your first class for free! Although that will give you an opportunity to meet a coach, meet some of our members, and sample a workout, we encourage you to try our program for a few weeks to see how much you enjoy it. We are confident that members who stick with our program and stay consistent will fall in love with what we have to offer.

Athlete Institute offers a variety of class based memberships which include access to our Core5, CrossFit, Core5 Yoga and Open Gym classes.


We offer membership discounts for students (14+), seniors (55+), spouses and corporate/emergency service members. Memberships are offered in 1 or 12 month contracts (12 month contracts can be paid in full or on a monthly payment plan). 


​Includes 3 classes per week


Includes 3 classes per week.


Includes unlimited classes per week.



​Includes unlimited classes per week.

Please note: all memberships include access to Core5, Core5 Yoga, CrossFit & Open Gym. Members should choose a membership type based on their primary class focus.

For more information or pricing

please contact Nathalie Randall


$20 (+ HST)





Club Care

Imagine working out with the peace of mind of knowing your child is experiencing quality child care – daily creative, sensory and large and small motor activities. Come see our Clubcare program, where our goal is to have more fun than Mom and Dad!


Morning Club Care is provided for members and non-members of Athlete Institute. The age range for Morning Club Care is from infant to 10 years. Club Care is open 9:00 am until noon Monday to Friday. Parents may be called to the Morning Club Care room if their child or baby is crying and cannot be comforted.


To prevent the spread of cold and flu, children with runny noses (thick, coloured mucus), persistent cough, or children that seem unwell may not participate. Morning Club Care staff have the authority to refuse admission if they think your child is too sick to participate.



  • Forms must be filled out before you place your child in our care. Parents are required to sign their children in and out, and state where they will be in the facility.

  • Parents must remain in the club complex for the duration of their visit.

  • There will be no food brought into the Morning Club Care room. Water and juice are OK. Parents are permitted to visit their child/children and take them out of the room for a snack if required.

  • Please bring your child/children fed, diaper changed, rested and ready to play. We do not have nap time facilities. Parents are to provide their own diapers and wipes. Please bring a receiving blanket for infants.

  • All children must wear non-scuff indoor shoes or slippers. Your child's name must be on them.

  • Children must be picked up by noon.

  • Children are encouraged to play safely and respect other children during play.


The main goal in the Morning Club Care room is to PLAY and HAVE FUN, SOCIALIZE and most importantly - be SAFE -while parents are working out.

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