2017 Dufferin Readers' Choice; #1 Fitness Club of the Year

and #1 Fitness Instructor of the Year (Tyler Robbins)


​What's this item I first joined CrossFit Orangeville back in January 2017. I had just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 31 years old and was feeling pretty low. Things as easy as playing on the floor with my kids were suddenly painful and difficult. As a working mom I would attend a few evening classes a week and the coaches were always great at getting me started and giving me modification options if needed. Shortly after my arthritis became better managed I became pregnant with my third baby. I would still attend classes and would modify the workouts as needed with the goal of staying fit throughout the pregnancy. Shortly after my daughter was born I was beyond eager to get back to CrossFit. Watching the members over those months was incredibly inspiring and I was curious to see how “fit” I could get. Now only 5 months after my daughter was born I’m completely hooked. At 32 years old I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. Im doing pull-ups for the first time in my life, sometimes 100 in a single workout. And I’ve not only lost all my baby weight but I’m leaner now than I was in high school. I would absolutely recommend CrossFit Orangeville to anyone!! No matter where you come from in terms of physical fitness the coaches help make that hour the best part of your day. And there’s nothing more amazing than watching yourself improve so rapidly and do things you never thought possible.about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Nicole R.

Hey Tyler,


I really enjoy the use of full body movements in Crossfit. It is very practical and beneficial for every day activities. It's amazing how much of a sweat you work up using mostly just your own body weight!


I also enjoy the encouragement from yourself and the other Bootcampers. I don't feel pressured into lifting massive weights; you just do the best you can and work within your own capabilities.

Curtis P.

I've always been intimidated by Crossfit. Being a large...large guy I always felt it wasn't for me. Some friends suggested I try the boot camp and I absolutely love it. I do Tuesday/Thursday classes and I'm telling you now it is a workout!  


What I find amazing is that even if there is something that is beyond your level and you cannot do it, there is a simpler exercice with the same result. 


Tyler is great, makes sure things are done proper and really pushes you to do you best. Since joining, my range of motion has increased,  my aches and pains seem to be subsiding.


I can now kneel to tie my shoes without looking old getting up!!

Sylvain F.

I did crossfit a few years ago. The Beginner Bootcamp has been a terrific referesher. Tyler’s classes are challenging, fun and always focused on good form and safety. I will definitely be signing up for a full membership!

Lynda C.

I tried Crossfit in the past, but it never really stuck. I always felt like I was too out of shape, too inexperienced, and always an outsider.

Crossfit Orangeville offered something different. They treated me like part of the team, and not just for the introductory class, but throughout my training.

Don't get me wrong, it was difficult as all hell at the beginning as my body adjusted to the rigourous workouts, but the encouragement kept me coming back. I moved from once every two weeks, to twice a week, and not long after three times a week.

I feel fantastic, even after the most gruelling of workouts.

I'd really like to thank the Tyler and his team, and of course my workout colleagues for continuing to make my journey into the world of Crossfit a fun and rewarding experience.

Sal P.

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"Lastly, I wanted to thank you and your team for allowing me to achieve amazing results.  On the beach over our Christmas vacation I had a fellow traveller and mom stop me and ask what I did to get such a "ripped, flat stomach" and that I had a "banging body".  She said she didn't think it possible for a mom to have a flat stomach again until she saw me.  I of course told her all about the amazing programs offered at the Athlete Institute which helped me see such amazing results.  So thank you for helping me achieve a "banging body”!”

Karen E.

I am OVER THE MOON HAPPY with Core5. I love the variety of the workouts. I would hate to come to a workout that never changes. I loved that about CrossFit too, but didn't quite fit into CrossFit. Then, when I heard about Core5 I was so excited to get back to the Institute. These metabolic type workouts are my favourite. A bit of strength, core and cardio. Love it all. Keep doing what you are doing.

Tracy R.

I love the core5 fitness classes, it's highly motivating and hard.  I like the CrossFit but I really like the Core5 more.

Collin S.

Today was class 4 of Core5 and I am loving it. The classes are challenging and push me past my "quit limit" every time! Great class, great concept, great coaching! Thank you!

Karen L.

I’ve been to 2 of the Core5 classes now, one was last Tuesday morning and my whole body was sore for 3 days (but that really good sore) and I went again last night!

Emily L.

I have been enjoying the Core5 classes very much!  I do find that it is a great workout for me.  I really find it helpful that you come around as I am working out to encourage and also to assist with technique to ensure I am doing the exercise correctly… I am motivated to "shake up" my workout routine and think that Core5 will do that for me.  I look forward to the variety in the workouts and will participate in the Yoga which I see is being offered.

Diane E.

I've attended a Core5 class last night. Was fantastic and i'll be out to more for sure.

Melissa G.

I have only done one class so far but enjoyed it.  For me and what my goals are it is a much better workout.  I will definitely continue with the classes now that my muscles have recovered and I can do a squat again.

Nick D.

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